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  • How to choose a good real estate agent?
    Make your first impression and the recommendations of your friends and friends of your friends. A good real estate agent will become your business partner, advisor, best friend and therapist. Choose emotionally, otherwise you'll end up with someone you don't get along with, or worse, someone you don't trust. "Hire a broker who you think enjoys his work as a hobby.
  • What is a Realtor's Commission?
    I can save you a lot of worry and time. However, my services cost something, so let's answer the question together whether it is worth investing in the services of a real estate broker. On average, a broker's commission in the Czech Republic varies between 3-7% of the sale price of the property (excluding VAT). But it really depends on where the property being sold is located. Depending on the location, the number of inhabitants and their standard of living, the lowest and highest commissions in the Czech Republic can differ by up to three times. You get a commission, processing of documentation (for the property, floor plans, verification of ownership rights, legal defects of the property, etc.); estimate processing; legal services (preparation of all necessary contracts, submission of a proposal for deposit of transfer of ownership to the relevant cadastral office, etc.); ensuring the custody of the purchase price during the transfer of the property in the cadastre; all necessary administration; preparation of the property for photo shoots, minor adjustments and decoration; photography of the property (sometimes a video tour or virtual reality); advertisement creation; marketing (advertisement distribution); arranging tours of the property (if you are interested, even without your participation); after-sales services (tax declaration and collection of real estate transfer tax, transfer of energy to the new owner, insurance, relocation and other services)
  • How does Price Estimate work?
    You must have come across the fact that an expert estimate and an estimate of market value are different. The question will arise in your head, on whose side the error occurred. Is this situation familiar to you? Let's explain the difference between these two terms. An expert opinion has little to do with the market price. The expert processes it based on the tables of the Ministry of Finance and includes factors such as construction parameters, land, wiring, the condition of the property, or its energy requirements. On the other hand, you calculate the factors that are of great value to potential buyers - the already mentioned civic amenities, the specifics of the given location - for example, when thousands of cars pass under the windows of the house every day, or on the contrary, it is located near a parking lot, whether it is currently popular location. The resulting amount can thus differ by tens or even hundreds of thousands.
  • How long does it take to process a mortgage?
    At the beginning of everything is the application for a mortgage loan, but where? To which mortgage bank? I recommend that you start with the bank where you have your own current accounts, it knows you. But don't be afraid to bypass yet another competitor's offer (other banks) and compare their offers. This will take you about a week. How long does it take for the mortgage to be processed? The time for which you will have to wait for the mortgage approval is of course individual, but most often this time is between 3 weeks and 2 months. Faster or slower processing is rather a rarity, however, it is not excluded, as there is no law that would limit banks in how long it can take. The most time-consuming step in the process of processing a mortgage loan is scoring, i.e. the process where the bank verifies your ability to subsequently repay the mortgage and decides whether to give you a mortgage at all - it usually takes more than 14 days.
  • How to deal with emotions when selling real estate?
    And the sale of a beloved home will cause feelings that everyday family and friendly memories are irretrievably gone. Plus, if selling your property involves a lifestyle change, every little problem during the whole process can feel like salt in the wound. Prepare to sell and work with buyers.As you begin to pack your belongings and prepare your home/apartment for sale, you will be overwhelmed by the memories you have created in each room . Give yourself extra time to prepare so you can stop and think when you think it's necessary. Ultimately, your main goal should be to hide personal belongings and minimize the amount of decorations in your home. The result is that anyone who comes for a tour should be able to imagine what it's like to live there. Potential buyers may not feel the same way about your home as you do. You will definitely hear them commenting on the small kitchen, your favorite color on the walls. They may share plans with you that you don't agree with. But the reality is that potential buyers have needs and wants that matter to them and hope to find a home that fits their criteria. While I know how hard it can be to sell your home, just remember that with this change comes many good things in a new place - full of laughter, good times and sweet experiences. Selling a property is one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions you will make. When you know how emotions affect your decision-making, you can prepare for the onslaught and handle it without major damage.”

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